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Links and Resources

Howchi Kilburn's Blog

The official blog of Flowers In Their Hair, by Howchi Kilburn. Follow the present-day state of mind of a flower child.

Howchi Kilburn profiled in YouTube video


Author Keith Howchi Kilburn is profiled in this short film, speaking about his book Flowers In Their Hair.

"Quest for the Holy Grail"
Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

An amazing quest journey took place in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine - June 19 through July 2, 2006.  The story of our quest can be found here.

Lost Borders Press



A resource for publications on wilderness rites of passage, the use of Council, "field therapy" techniques, and more. These books and videos are offered in support of individuals moving more consciously through the many natural transitions of living and dying, and for wilderness guides who are involved in the re-introduction of meaningful passage rites for youth and adults.
Wilderness Guides Council
Wilderness Guides Council believes that wilderness has great healing and inspirational qualities. Our goal is to re-introduce and promote meaningful, earth-based rites of passage, as well as related nature-based healing and educational programs, in the context of our modern culture.

Modern pathways to reclaim your indigenous soul, offering workshops and trainings in ritual village and initiation .
Monking Around Monking Around is an enchanting story, in which Howchi Kilburn portrays how tuned-in people can create a way of life that is sacred, ecstatic and harmonious. Perhaps we can be those people.
Amazon Author Page
Earlier writings by Howchi Kilburn are available on Amazon.
Facebook Author Page
Follow Howchi Kilburn on Facebook.
Goddess Lore
Goddess lore in the direction pointed to and explored by Riane Eisler, Monica Sjoo, Seren and Azra Bertrand and others.    

Angel - Original Painting by Keith Howchi Kilburn


Howchi Kilburn

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