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Looking West from Basecamp, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

In June and July of 2005 my Ukrainian friends, Georgi and Katya, and I had the immense and awesome pleasure of guiding a group of Ukrainians on a Vision Quest in the Carpathian Mountains near the western border of the Ukraine. We went to the same location in June of 2006 with a group including 6 Ukrainians and 2 Russians. See our website,, to read about the 2006 journey. These ventures have been so amazingly rich and culturally exciting that I would like to share this cross-cultural experience with other Americans and Western Europeans. This year’s journey will take place during the weeks encompassing June 28th through July 7th, time enough to fly to Kiev and back and in between spend about nine days in the Carpathian Mountains.

During the sojourn in the mountains each participant will be prepared by the guides to spend four days and nights alone fasting and praying for a vision. During the alone time the guides will be available for any extraordinary needs, physical, psychological, or spiritual, that may arise for those who are questing. Upon return to base camp each quester will have the opportunity to tell a story of their experiences during the quest. Most importantly the guides will then retell or mirror their stories back to them. To know that one’s vision has been heard and understood by the elders of the community is a healing and a source of guidance from that time forward. Preparation and story-telling will be bi-lingual, Russian and English.

The Ukraine is a large fertile country with broad river valleys and mountains resembling those in the northeastern U.S. The people are cordial, warm and full of good humor. Their interest in Western Europe and America creates a lovely interaction between them and us, which once experienced is unforgettable. My initial contacts and travels were in connection with the Cherkasy Women’s Center, Yazhinka, which is supported in part by the Ukrainian American Women’s Action Project based in Santa Rosa, California.

Participants will be met at the Kiev airport. Travel, lodging, and food in Ukraine will be arranged. Additional days with a Ukrainian host in Kiev can be arranged at the front or back end of the journey for $50 per day. If you have any interest in taking part in this extraordinary cross-cultural experience, please contact Keith Howchi Kilburn via email: or phone (707)303-3238 or (707)536-6117.

Cost: $1000 plus airfare.

Guides: Keith Howchi Kilburn, MFT and Georgi Kushnir, Ukrainian Psychiatrist.

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Creek near Basecamp, Carpathian Mountains, UkraineCreek near basecamp

Katya, Keith Howchi, Georgi - Ukraine 2005

Katya, Keith and Georgi
Ukraine Vision Quest 2005

White birch near Basecamp, Carpathian Mountains, UkraineWhite birch near camp

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